My Favorite Classroom Time Management Tools

My Favorite Classroom Time Management Tools

Cover photo of girl holding a clock with title saying, "My favorite classroom time management tools."

Hey teachers! Did you know that classroom time management is very important for implementing effective lessons?

Here are two of my favorite time management tools to use in the classroom!

picture of classroom timer and classroom doorbell switch
My Favorite Classroom Time Management Tools

Using the Classroom Timer During a Mini-Lesson

I love using a 60-minute Time Timer to help with classroom time management. What I love most about the timer is that it has an on and off switch for whenever I need to hear an alert beep or when I need the timer to silently end. I’ll often set the alert switch to silent when I use the timer during my mini-lessons. The visual display of the time helps me keep track of my teaching during my mini-lessons. When I use the timer during my mini-lessons, I prefer to use the silent alert and utilize the visual display of the amount of time that diminishes. I prefer to switch the alarm to silence during mini-lessons to also reduce any chance of distraction.

Using the Classroom Timer During Classwork Time

I also use the classroom timer for all different types of activities such as for the time until morning meeting, independent classwork, when students are working with partners or groups, and during the end of the day pack- uptime. I simply set the timer and tell the class exactly how much time they have to complete their classwork before the next transition. For example, I’ll say, “I am setting the timer for __ minutes. You have __ minutes to complete your classwork before we transition to _____ (be ready to share, a transition to special, or clean up… etc). “

Over the years, I have noticed that many students need a verbal and visual reminder of the total amount of time they have to complete a task or activity. The visual display of time provides some students with a sense of comfort knowing exactly how much time they have to complete a task. Other students need the visual display as a constant reminder to help stay focused and remain on task.

How A Classroom Timer Helps With Transitions

When the visual display is depleted, an alert sounds and the timer beeps. That’s when I simply click the doorbell hanging on my staff ID badge to charm the wireless doorbell. Students know that when the timer rings and the doorbell charms, that indicates it’s time to clean up, hand in finished classwork in the finished classwork bin, or place unfinished classwork in the work in progress bin, and show they are ready for either a share or transition into the next activity.

To keep classroom time management fun and engaging, I change the sound of the ring of the doorbell each month. Students love hearing new sounds and kids definitely get excited about hearing different tunes during transition time!

Having a classroom timer and classroom doorbell has truly been a game-changer for keeping students engaged!


I’d love to hear about what classroom time management tools you use in your classroom!