My Favorite Time Management Planner

My Favorite Time Management Planner

Time management is not as challenging as it may seem! With the right tools and guidance, organizing to-do lists and time management is made easy by with the productivity planner.

The Weekly Plan

On Sunday evenings, I plan my weekly to-do list. I typically pour myself a warm cup of tea, sit in my office, and carefully think about the most important tasks that need to be completed for the week. I make sure that I list the most important tasks of the week and organize each task by priority. Luckily this time management planner includes an easy template for me to plan my weekly list of priorities.

Then I begin to plan the first day of the week, which is Monday for me. I plan my Monday by reviewing my to-do list that is prioritized by task importance. I begin by planning the most important task to accomplish first. Then I organize the next four tasks that need to completed in order of importance. Quite often these tasks are related to my personal goals such as graduate work, creating math resources for teachers, or health plans such as practicing yoga or meal prepping. I use the time management planner to carefully think about how long it would take for each task to be completed to plan the anticipated length of completion. I also use the bottom notes section of the daily planner to make a quick list of the top five tasks of importance that need to be completed at work. 

Take Action 

Throughout the day, I keep the time management planner with me to help me stay focused on completing the most important tasks of the day. The planner includes a guide that helps to keep track of my time while completing tasks. This time management tool helps me stay focused on the task on hand and helps me use my time wisely. The time management tool that is utilized with the organization of completing daily tasks helps me manage my time wisely. The planner’s time management feature helps me take action and to procrastinate less. 

The Daily Motivation 

What I love most about the productivity planner are the daily motivational quotes. You know how much I LOVE motivational quotes and the daily planner is filled with constant daily motivation. The constant daily motivation helps to keep me inspired to plan and take daily actions that help accomplish my goals. At the end of the day, I review the completion of the tasks and how long it took me to complete each task to help review my overall productivity score for the day. The daily review of my self-time management skills helps me improve my time management skills for the following day. It can certainly be concluded that the productivity planner helps me improve my time management skills on a daily basis.

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