Time Management and Math Lesson Planning

Time Management and Math Lesson Planning

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Did you know a teacher’s time management skills can influence student math learning outcomes?

Research has found that there is a relationship between a teacher’s time management skills and student learning outcomes (Nelson, 2012).

Here are a few tips for busy teachers like me to use to plan effective math lessons.

First of all, it is important for teachers to use time management skills when planning, preparing, implementing, assessing, and evaluating math lessons. By using time management strategies when lesson planning, a teacher can handle routines more effectively and efficiently. This ultimately leaves more time to focus on important educational concerns (Vannest & Hagan-Burke, 2009).

Time Management and Math Lesson Planning

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Many time management skills can be utilized at the beginning of each math unit when planning and preparing lessons. To do so, first strategically outline a particular math unit by referencing a calendar and aligned math standards. When I use a calendar while lesson planning, it helps allow me to reflect on the amount of time needed to teach each lesson. It also helps to reflect on the time students’ may need to develop an understanding of each math concept.

Another great time management strategy is to plan ahead the materials needed for each math unit and lesson. It helps to have a strategic plan that outlines the presentations, print-outs, resources, and manipulatives that will be needed for each math unit. And, it is helpful to reflect on each math lesson and to list the different materials that will be needed for individual math lessons. This also helps to ensure I can adequately plan and prepare for each math lesson.

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I also reflect on the type of assessments that will occur during each math lesson. It’s helpful to reference a calendar when planning the different assessments that will be used during each math lesson. Planning the different assessments ahead of time helps to save time later when planning and preparing for each math lesson.

Busy teachers like me need to use time-saving strategies when planning math lessons. By doing so, there is more time for other educational concerns.

So, how would you rate your own time management skills when it comes to lesson planning?

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